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About Eicor Resources

Eicor Resources Ltd was founded by Mike Neilson, a Christchurch business consultant, in 1986. He soon found that client companies needed to keep a closer eye on their financial performance in order to survive. A computerised accounting system was vital, so Mike began selling and supporting Profax accounting software which was being developed in Christchurch at the time. The company also began providing accounting services to clients who did not want to set up their own computer accounts systems.

QuickBooks was added to the company stable in 1998, as the need was identified for a smaller accounting package suitable for small owner-operated businesses. The IMS payroll software was added in 2001 when we saw a need for a payroll which would interface easily with both Profax and Quickbooks accounting software packages.

In 2003, Profax was superceded by two new packages, Accredo Mercury for small to medium businesses, and Accredo Saturn for larger companies, and we enjoy assisting our clients to customise these excellent systems even further.

In 2013 QuickBooks became Reckon Accounts, and further products are continuing to be developed in the Reckon range.

Our client base is diversified, including aged care facilities, property development, manufacturing, wholesaling, tourism, engineering, and non-profit organisations.