Selecting The Right Accounting Solution for your Business

Questionnaire Part 2


20. Talk to people in your industry;

  • What systems do they use?
  • What do they like about theirs?
  • What frustrates them?

21. Talk to your local specialist or consultant.

22. Talk to your Accountant about the information they need from your system.


23. What Support is available for the system. Is it local? Is there good back up support from the supplier, and how is this available?

24. Reliability is important, what will it cost you if the system breaks down? Remember that your choice of operating system affects this, as does your power supply.

25. The technology – is it up to date? Is it future proof?

26. Is it easily integrated with other systems that you use, e.g. e-mail, Microsoft Office.

27. Is training available?

28. Is there a maintenance/upgrade contract? If not, why not? Has development on the software ceased?

29. Any accounting system will do the basic accounts. Will the system give you the information you need to run your business profitably?

30. Any hidden extras – are there costs for running additional companies on the system?


31. Arrange for a demonstration by your local reseller of the software that you choose to evaluate.

32. Include your staff in the demonstration. They will notice features such as ease of use, which you may not.

33. See how it matches your priority list.

34. Ask questions about anything that isn’t clear.

35. If the reseller needs to check anything they are not sure of, how quickly can they get an answer from the software house?

36. Remember you are also evaluating your local support – how well does the reseller know the system?

Compare results

37. Strengths and weaknesses.

38. Remember that things you need to do all of the time are more important than things you do some of the time.

39. Getting your decision right first time is important, changing afterwards is usually expensive, especially in terms of your time.

Now make your purchase secure in the knowledge that you are making the right choice for your business.


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